The Change Maker

The Govt. Higher Primary School (GHPS) at Killankera village, situated at around 24 km. from Yadgir town, has 295 students and 7 teachers of which five are guest teachers and two regular teachers. In the month of November 2014, the School Development & Monitoring Committee (SDMC) developed a School Development Plan (SDP) with 6 development needs identified by the stakeholders. The action points decided included, arranging safe drinking water, proper maintenance of school environment, mainstreaming of dropout children, conducting parents meeting regularly, filling the vacant teacher posts and motivating stakeholders to actively participate in school activities. 

Since then, Mr. Hanamanth Bavuru, president of SDMC, has been actively engaging himself and also motivating oSDMC_storyther members of the SDMC and all stakeholders, resulting in achievement of nearly 80% of the action points of the SDP. He has committed himself to make GHPS, Killankera as a model school in next 2-3 years. He is extending full cooperation to head teacher and other teachers of the school. Under his guidance, other members are also slowly taking interest in school development activities. The SDMC president and members have collected information on school dropout children and have been making home visits of these children to motivate parents and children to attend school regularly. SDMC has approached Zilla Panchayat, Yadgir, and local Gram Panchayat, requesting funds for school development, which has resulted in provision of one bore-well for water supply along with a water filter for clean drinking water. SDMC president has provided complete cooperation and mobilized community contribution for Kalike’s School Health & Sanitation program, under which, hand wash platform was constructed and repair of toilets was done in the school during February and March months of 2015.

SDMC_Story_2The head teacher and other teachers of the school express their satisfaction about functioning of their SDMC and express that training provided to SDMC by Kalike-SRTT under its “Jagruti Sindu” program in November 2014, has made all this difference. They claim that the scenario in their school was completely opposite during last year with old committee which had no interventions from Kalike. The earlier SDMC was almost non-functional, since there was no coordination among members and hence no regular meetings for taking up development plans. The members of the earlier SDMC were not aware of their roles and responsibilities and hence lost touch with school resulting in a non-functional SDMC.

Mr. Hanamant Bavuru, say that without the training and follow-up inputs provided from coordinators of Kalike, he would not have understood the roles and responsibilities of himself as president and also about the committee. He appreciates the School Development Plan (SDP) activity, which has helped the stakeholders and him to realize the importance of planning and sharing of responsibility to execute the plan. He also say that without the training from Kalike, he and other SDMC members would not have come forward to meet department officials and other stakeholders for mobilizing resources to their school.

With positive atmosphere seen in GHPS, Killankera under active SDMC, comprehensive school development can be visualized in coming years.