Kalike is committed to work, and retain rigorous field based processes and focus on quality, in the District of Yadgir. The success of the earlier program has encouraged the Team to upscale and expand its existing interventions to cover the entire Yadgir block and as part of lateral expansion, to adjacent blocks of Yadgir and Gulbarga districts. New thematic expansion focusing on livelihood enhancement are being planned and rolled out. Feasibility Study and Baseline Study were conducted to map the existing agricultural practices followed by farmers, issues in agriculture, pattern of crops, source of water, rainfall, etc. The study to understand the current practices in agriculture highlighted that there is a scope for action towards livelihoods improvement. It was found that farmers in the area do not have access to extension services and are ignorant on the best farm practices.

Agriculture is rain-fed and the quantity of inputs used across crops is high as compared to the recommended, resulting in very high inputs costs. Hence, Kalike has designed a pilot project with farmers from 15 selected villages and is working towards brining best practices to the fields of the farmers. The aim of the project is to decrease the input costs and increase the yields of the farmer fields. Interventions for brining updated and validated package of practices and technologies, designing and delivering extension channels and sustainable systems as well as ensuring linkage with financial institutions are developed and are being implemented.

All the interventions are designed, keeping in consideration the on-going community development and strengthening, work of the Trusts. To bring in the best and latest technologies to the field, Kalike is also partnering with University of Agriculture Sciences (Raichur) and would also be involving experts from various other Agriculture Universities.