A little support all it needs for improvement

Ishwarya, studies in 4th std. at Govt. Higher Primary School of Allipur village in Yadgir block. She is one of the 6 chLIP storyildren of Sabanna and Ratnamma, who belong to below poverty line family, struggling to manage the responsibility of bringing up large family. All the children along with parents work in fields for daily wages except Ishwarya. Ishwarya attends school regularly and involves actively in academic activities with keen interest.

But, one year back, even Ishwarya also could be seen working in the field. Even though Sabanna and Ratnamma were eager to see their daughter in school, Ishwarya was not showing any interest in studying and did not like to attend school, hence mostly being absent from classes. She was introvert, and did not mix with others easily. Hence she was low performer academically and also not participating in extra-curricular activities. When her name was selected for Learning Improvement Programme (LIP) by Kalike, the parents of Ishwarya responded positively by saying “we want our daughter to attend your LIP class, She is very poor in reading and writing”.


WhenLIP Story 2 Ishwarya started attending LIP remedial classes, she got interested because of individual attention shown by animator and use of effective learning materials. During the course, her progress in reading and writing was visible with her active involvement in reading & writing activities. She was able to write, picture and narrate short stories. Ishwarya was using all 4 workbooks of LIP and based on her performance she was promoted to 3rd group. She became confident to participate in extra-curricular activities without any fear. Her progress was regularly shared with her parents Sabanna and Ratnamma by animator during home visits and in parents meeting.

Ishwarya’s parents express their gratitude to Kalike’s Learning Improvement Programme, “With low household income, we are unable to send our child to private school. Your programme has improved reading and writing skills of our child and made her more confident to mix with others. We thank Kalika Chethana-‘Learning Improvement Program’.