Jagruthi Sindhu

‘Strengthening Community Participation’

To ensure the sustainability of social programs, community awareness and participation are critical. In Yadgir, the community institutions such as School Development Monitoring Committee (SDMC) had been formed but were inactive. Hence, to ensure program continuity KSU initiated a component on community participation.
• To have healthy and warm environment between school and Anganwadi authority, SDMC, BVS and community in general.
• To Increase SDMC/ BVS participation in SDMC/ BVS meetings and discussions respectively.
• To motivate BVS/ SDMC in taking up initiatives for the improvement of quality learning element in school.
• To motivate SDMC active participation in School Development Plan (SDP) and mobilize resources for school development.
• To promote BVS/ SDMC active participation in school development programs and also motivate them for better co-ordination with grama panchayath for greater support

The intervention has been implemented in 40 schools in Yadgir block reaching out to the community members and teachers.