ICT – A Game Changing Tool for Teachers and Students

Government Girls High School (GGHS), Yadgir, was one of the many schools in the district that received IT related equipment such as an overhead projector, photocopier, UPS, etc. to enable Information Communications Technology (ICT) based education for high school students, under Phase III of the ICT scheme of the state government. Simultaneously, all the subject teachers of the school received ICT training, so that they could make optimum use of technology for ensuring a better teaching-learning process. Ironically, the school received no computers - which are the backbone for any ICT intervention. Jyothi, a Science teacher and a state- level master resource person in the subject recalls, “lack of computers in the school was a major concern for us, as we were unable to use the technical resources and our expertise for classroom instructions.”

In June, 2014 ‘Spoorthi’ – a programme designed by Kalike, focusing on integrating ICT in secondary schools and building capacity of teachers – put Jyothi’s fears to rest. Under this programme, Kalike facilitated the procurement of 5 computers for GGHS, given by Infosys, Bengaluru. Subsequently, Kalike’s Technical and Subject Coordinators for Spoorthi operationalized the computers and set up the computer lab. They installed the open source ‘Ubuntu’ (free operating software) and subject resource tools like K-Geography, Marble for Geography, Geogebra, K-Star, PhET, Stellrium, Kalzium for Science, Maths and Social Sciences. The Kalike team trained the subject teachers in operating the computers (Ubuntu is slightly different from the ubiquitous Windows OS; hence a small learning curve) and utilizing the subject resource tools for better classroom interactions.

“Along with the other subject teachers, I now use the subject resource materials to complement teaching methods in daily classroom transactions. The teachers also encourage the students to use the computers for learning,” informs Jyothi. During the year, the students of Grade X prepared their project work such as…, using computers. Simultaneously, the teachers also used the computers for preparing Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) action plans and question papers, besides routine administrative tasks. Motivated by the Kalike team, Jyothi purchased a laptop to enhance and share her subject knowledge. “I regularly contribute to the Karnataka Open Education Resources (KOER) platform, with my own web resources in Science” she adds, with a twinkle in her eye.



Kalike’s timely IT intervention has thus facilitated an enabled teaching-learning environment in GGHS, along with other schools in Yadgir district.

Over the next five years, Kalike would endeavor to adopt ICT enabled interventions for enhancing learning levels among 91,000 children, covering 336 Government schools (296 Primary Schools and 40 High Schools) in Yadgir block. Special focus would be provided on optimum usage of the existing technology-based activities whilst developing suitable technology-enabled tools for enhancing the effectiveness of programs.