Aarogya Chethana ‘School Health & Sanitation’

Availability of Drinking water and Sanitation in schools facilitates child learning process. This has a significant effect on the dropout of girl children after attaining puberty. According to EMIS-2007-08, only 46.47% of primary school in Yadgir district had toilets and 62.99% of primary schools have drinking water facilities. Due to traditional behavioral patterns, it is difficult to orient people to change the health and hygiene practices. If the message is sent from school through children to homes, it has high probability of changing the attitudes and practices.
Thus, ‘Aarogya Chethana’ program was planned to actively engage the services and involvements of the SDMC’s in improving drinking water and sanitation facilities in government higher primary schools. Also to disseminate lessons learnt and best practices to larger audiences and relevant government authorities. The aim is to provide both hardware and software facilities for

(a) Utilization of Ultra Violet drums for drinking water.
(b) Initiating rain water harvest systems for storing water.
(c) Constructing/repair of functional toilets (separate for boys and girls); to produce a healthy school environment and to develop or support safe hygiene behaviors.

Currently, the intervention is implemented in selected 20 government higher primary schools in Yadgir block of Yadgir district. The direct beneficiaries from 20 schools covers 3615 children, 122 teachers & 200 SDMC members.